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  Adriano - Panavia Tornado IDS - crayon, pastel, watercolor on colored paper
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Additional info

Panavia Tornado IDS

The Tornado was originally designed to fulfill six different roles. After the Tornado went into service another role was defined; defense suppression, Italy and Germany procured the purpose built Electronic Combat Reconnaissance (ECR) version. This type is armed with the High Speed Anti-Radiation Missile (HARM). The six original roles were: 1. Interdiction Strike. 2. Counter Air Strike 3. Battlefield Interdiction 4. Close Air Support 5. Reconnaissance 6. Interception

Crew: two

Maximum level speed 'clean': 1,262 kts (1,453 mph, 2338 kph) at 36,000 ft (10975 m), 616 kts (710 mph, 1142 kph) at sea level
Climb: to 30,000 ft (9145 m) less than 2 mins 0 secs
Service ceiling: 50,000+ ft (15,240 m)
Ferry range: 2,100+ nm (2,420 mls, 3,890 km) with four drop tanks
Combat radius: 750 nm (863 mls, 1390 km) on a typical attack mission

Empty Equipped: 31,065 lb (14,091 kg)
Normal Take-off: 45,000 lb (20,411 kg)
Maximum Take-off: 61,620 lb (27,951 kg)

Length: 15.08m (49ft 6in)
Length overall: 18.15m
Fuselage length: 14.06m (46ft 2in)
Height: 5.14m (16ft 11in)
Main rotor disc area: 177.0m2 (1905sq ft)

Length: 54 ft 10.25 in (16.72 m)
Height: 19 ft 6.25 in (5.95 m)
Wing Span: 45 ft 7.5 in (13.91 m) fully extended (25 degrees sweep), 28 ft 2.5 in (8.60 m) fully swept (67 degrees sweep)
Wing Area: 286.33 sq ft (26.60 sq m)

Early aircraft: Two Turbo-Union RB.199-34R Mk.101 turbofans each rated at 8,475 lb st (37.70 kN) dry and 14,840 lb st (66.01 kN) with afterburning
Later aircraft: Two Turbo-Union RB.199-34R Mk.103 turbofans each rated at 8,650 lb st (38.48 kN) dry and 16,075 lb st (71.50 kN) with afterburning

Two 27mm Mauser cannon with 180 rounds per gun plus a warload of 19,841 lb (9,000 kg) on three fuselage and four underwing hardpoints. These weapons may include one 500 kts nuclear weapon, eight 1,000 lb (454 kg) bombs, two airfield/runway denial weapons with multiple munitions, Paveway laser-guided bombs, two AIM-9 Sidewinder SRAAMs or up to seven ALARMs. Additionally the GR.1B carries two Sea Eagle missiles.
Product profile
 Title: Panavia Tornado IDS
 Artist: Adriano
 Size: 19 5/8 x 13 3/4 in (50 x 35 cm)
 Material: crayon, pastel, watercolor on colored paper
 Year: 2004
 Price: 70.00$
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